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This issue was published on February 16, 2021

Is serverless ready to go mainstream? 🤓

In this issue, we fill our YouTube queue with DynamoDB sessions, learn how Lambda can transform your corporate email, and discover the value of Minimal Viable Migrations. Read the full issue...

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AWS Lessons Learned from being DDOS'd
I never thought my small site would get DDOS’d, but I guess anything that is public is ripe for abuse. Last week, I had launched, which provides a free webhook URL that then shares the event data by email or in a Google Sheet.


Serverless browser automation with AWS Lambda and Puppeteer by James Beswick
Manipulating a web browser environment with an API provides a wide range of automation capabilities for developers. It allows you to generate PDF files, screenshot webpages, or run health checks on a website, all from code.


Build Auth Once With A Shared Lambda Authorizer by Allen Helton
Everybody has opinions on how AWS accounts should be used. Some people think you should have a mono-account and store everything in your AWS ecosystem in one place.


How to host a serverless static website on AWS with API Gateway by Aco Mitevski
In most cases you will use the combination of CloudFront and S3 to host a static website on AWS. But depending on the requirements you might not be able to use it.


Operating Lambda: Application design – Part 3 by CLI
In the Operating Lambda series, I cover important topics for developers, architects, and systems administrators who are managing AWS Lambda-based applications. This three-part series discusses application design for Lambda-based applications.

Honorable Mentions

There are so many great blog posts, tutorials, use cases, and more shared each week by the #serverless community, that picking just a few to feature is really hard. So here are some other honorable mentions chosen by our readers.

Access Management For Your Personal AWS Account by Nicole Yip
Signing up for an AWS account is super easy. All you need is an email address and a credit card. But then there are pages and pages of docs advising many best practices for all aspects of managing and using your AWS account (have a look at the number of links off this blog post).

Superwerker on AWS
This Quick Start is for organizations who want to get started with the AWS Cloud quickly without investing in consultants or devoting time to extensive research.

My first eBook - results & feedback from "Serverless For Everyone Else" by Alex Ellis's Picture
The "everyone else" is a reference to how complicated and difficult cloud-based and Kubernetes-based FaaS has become.

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