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This issue was published on June 8, 2021

To emulate locally, or not to emulate locally ⚙️

In this issue, Akamai adds a KV at the edge, the local emulation debate rages on, and we take a step toward closing the growing cloud skills gap. Read the full issue...

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Why local development for serverless is an anti-pattern by JUN 2️⃣
In the serverless community, individuals and teams spend a lot of time and effort attempting to build an environment that is a replica of the cloud. Why? Because this is what we have always done.


Modern Full-Stack Serverless, Part VI by Salah Elhossiny
In this section, we’ll cover how to model relationships between GraphQL types, how to implement authorization rules on GraphQL types and fields, how to enable multiple authorization modes for an AppSync API, and how to enable route parameters using React Router.


AWS Kinesis vs. SNS vs. SQS — A Comparison With Python Examples by Anna Geller
Decoupling offers a myriad of advantages, but choosing the right tool for the job may be challenging. AWS alone provides several services that allow us to decouple sending and receiving data.


Amazon Location Service Is Now Generally Available with New Routing and Satellite Imagery Capabilities by Marcia Villalba
In December of 2020, we made Amazon Location Service available in preview form for you to start building web and mobile applications with location-based features.


Getting Started with serverless for developers: Part 4 – Local developer workflow
This blog is part 4 of the “Getting started with serverless for developers” series, helping developers start building serverless applications from their IDE. Many “getting started” guides demonstrate how to build serverless applications from within the AWS Management Console.

Honorable Mentions

There are so many great blog posts, tutorials, use cases, and more shared each week by the #serverless community, that picking just a few to feature is really hard. So here are some other honorable mentions chosen by our readers.

Jeremy Daly by Jeremy Daly
There are lots of great ways to emulate #serverless dev environments locally (e.g. serverless-offline, @_localstack, sam local, etc.), but I think @garethmcc is spot on that once you introduce most cloud services, local emulation becomes a fool's errand and a massive time suck.

Two lesser-known ways to increase observability in AWS Lambda based applications by ・3 min read
If you have ever worked in a microservices environment, you probably are aware of how vital monitoring and observability are. Every outage can turn into a "murder mystery", where developers spend a significant amount of time uncovering what exactly went wrong and how it could have been prevented.

Ship it, Next.js on AWS with Serverless Framework by Richard Austin Melchior
With the growing appeal and adoption of serverless architectures let’s consider how to take a newly built Next.js application and ship it onto an AWS serverless stack using the Serverless framework. I’ve spent a significant amount of time with Next.js lately. Vercel, the creators of Next.

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