There are two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.

Nobody’s perfect, especially me. I’ve spent the last 20+ years writing software by figuring things out as I went and making just about every mistake along the way. But even though I’ve made lots of mistakes, I was able to learn from them. Now, as I continue to build modern applications in the cloud using serverless, I find myself constantly learning and discovering new and interesting things all over again.

Off-by-none is a weekly email newsletter that focuses on the technical details of building modern applications in the cloud. It explores the use of serverless components like FaaS and managed services to adopt a serverless-first mindset that minimizes undifferentiated heavy lifting and emphasizes value creation. Every Tuesday, I publish a new issue that includes links to interesting articles, tutorials, tools, use cases, industry news, insights from experts, and much more.

Together we can become better developers and product people by making fewer mistakes as we learn from each other. Off-by-none is the idea that we can become exceptional at what we do, if we are willing to put in the work and continue to learn new things. Join me on this journey as we help the serverless community work to develop best practices, share our ideas, and learn to build better software in the cloud.

Jeremy Daly

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About the Author

Jeremy is the CEO and Founder of Ampt and an AWS Serverless Hero that has a soft spot for helping people solve problems using serverless. He frequently consults with companies and developers transitioning away from the traditional “server-full” approach. You can find him ranting about serverless on Twitter, in several forums and Slack groups, hosting the Serverless Chats podcast, and at conferences around the world.