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This issue was published on August 31, 2021

Don't call it a rollback 🧑‍💻

In this issue, CloudFormation's DX rolls forward, Serverless Chats is back, and we imagine a self provisioning runtime. Read the full issue...

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Making All Your APIs Idempotent by Michael Walmsley
When you start working with Serverless on AWS, one of the first questions you should be asking yourself is — “is my system Idempotent”? Idempotency is a straightforward but misunderstood concept. The dictionary defines Idempotency as “Unchanged when multiplied by itself”.


Announcing the latest AWS Heroes – August 2021 by Ross Barich
AWS Heroes go above and beyond to share knowledge with the community and help others build better and faster on AWS.


New for AWS CloudFormation – Quickly Retry Stack Operations from the Point of Failure by Danilo Poccia
One of the great advantages of cloud computing is that you have access to programmable infrastructure. This allows you to manage your infrastructure as code and apply the same practices of application code development to infrastructure provisioning.


Aaron Lieberman published a boatload of blog posts on building and managing serverless applications by Aaron Lieberman
We’ve talked in previous posts about the importance of DevOps in a serverless environment. Of course, when DevOps is mentioned, many people immediately think of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

Honorable Mentions

There are so many great blog posts, tutorials, use cases, and more shared each week by the #serverless community, that picking just a few to feature is really hard. So here are some other honorable mentions chosen by our readers.

The Growing Gains of Serverless Event-Driven Architecture by Joel Hans
The additive benefits of event-driven architecture and serverless together include faster deployments, reduced costs, and improved observability. When looked at side-by-side, event-driven architecture (EDA) and serverless seem like a perfect match.

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