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This issue was published on June 23, 2020

EFS + Lambda = Serverless for Everything? 🧮

In this issue we see how EFS integration makes serverless even better, we get a lesson in why serverless is for everyone, and take a look at the internals of DynamoDB. Read the full issue...

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Using Amazon EFS for AWS Lambda in your serverless applications by James Beswick
Serverless applications are event-driven, using ephemeral compute functions to integrate services and transform data. While AWS Lambda includes a 512-MB temporary file system for your code, this is an ephemeral scratch resource not intended for durable storage.


Unlocking new serverless use cases with EFS and Lambda by Yan Cui
Today, the AWS Lambda platform has added a new arrow to its quiver – the ability to integrate with Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) natively. Until now, a Lambda function was limited to 512MB of /tmp directory storage.


Internals of DynamoDB by Udit Sharma
DynamoDB is a key-value database solution provided by Amazon that aims to achieve high availability and scalability using some of the renowned distributed data system techniques. This article aims to shed some light upon how Dynamo uses these techniques to provide a great solution.


My Experience with the Cloud Resume Challenge by Will Boland
With no prior experience or education in technology, the tools required to successfully master this challenge were completely foreign to me. The finished product - which required several weeks of early morning study, research, coding, and troubleshooting - was difficult but fun to bring to life.


Migrating Image Memorability service to AWS Lambda using a shared Elastic File System volume by Luca Bianchi, PhD
On June, 16th Amazon Web Services released the long-awaited feature of AWS Elastic File System (EFS) support for their AWS Lambda service.

Honorable Mentions

There are so many great blog posts, tutorials, use cases, and more shared each week by the #serverless community, that picking just a few to feature is really hard. So here are some other honorable mentions chosen by our readers.

How to choose the right API Gateway auth method
Quite a few clients have asked me “Hey Yan, what API Gateway auth method should I use for this REST API?” so I thought I’d share my answer with everyone here. This is the high-level decision tree I go through when deciding if and what auth method I should use.

How to test serverless workflows?
Serverless is a design pattern which aims to remove many issues development teams typically face when maintaining servers or services, enabling them to focus on delivering value and benefit quickly and efficiently.

New – A Shared File System for Your Lambda Functions by Danilo Poccia
I am very happy to announce that AWS Lambda functions can now mount an Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), a scalable and elastic NFS file system storing data within and across multiple availability zones (AZ) for high availability and durability.

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