We're looking for first-time serverless writers! 👩‍💻

Have you been building with serverless, but haven't shared your experience with the world yet? We'd like to encourage you to do just that!

Write a blog post about serverless, post to Twitter with the hashtag #offbynone, and then we'll pick FOUR NEW WRITERS and give away a digital copy of The Developer's Guide to Content Creation by Stephanie Morillo.

We'll also choose several other posts to share in the Off-by-none email newsletter to help amplify your content! Check out the RULES below.

Friend of the newsletter, and serverless extraordinaire, Michael Bahr, has graciously donated 4 copies of Stephanie Morillo's excellent book that helps teach developers how to manage the content process from ideation all the way through to promotion. It's a wonderful resource for any developer looking to document what they're learning, improve their writing skills, teach others, showcase what they know to potential employers, or move into a different role.

Rules & How to Enter

  1. Write a blog post about serverless and publish on Medium, Dev.to, your own blog, or anywhere publicly accessible.
  2. Post your blog to Twitter and include the hashtag #offbynone.
  3. Entries must be submitted by December 18, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET.
  4. Winners will be chosen and featured in the December 22, 2020 issue of Off-by-none.
  5. Additional entries will also be featured in the December 22, 2020 issue of Off-by-none.
  6. In order to be eligible to win, this must be the writer's first post about serverless. It does not need to be your first blog post ever, but writers with a long publishing history will not be considered.

What should I write about?

There are lots of topics on serverless! We want to hear about the good, bad, and the ugly. Here are some suggestions:

Write about your experience...

  • using a deployment framework
  • using a managed service
  • writing your first function

Create a tutorial about...

  • building your first serverless application
  • using a service like EventBridge or SNS for building distributed systems
  • setting up a serverless CI/CD process

Plus, re:Invent is here, so maybe you could...

  • share what you learned at a re:Invent session
  • comment on some of the (many) product announcements
  • share your thoughts on the future of serverless

Or anything you'd like to write about. We're looking forward to see what you come up with!

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About the Author

Jeremy is the GM of Serverless Cloud at Serverless, Inc. and an AWS Serverless Hero that has a soft spot for helping people solve problems using serverless. He frequently consults with companies and developers transitioning away from the traditional “server-full” approach. You can find him ranting about serverless on Twitter, in several forums and Slack groups, hosting the Serverless Chats podcast, and at (virtual) conferences around the world.