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This issue was published on May 28, 2024

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In this issue, CloudFormation gets easier to troubleshoot, Pinecone launches its serverless vector database, and SES gets its own Mail Manager. Read the full issue...

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AWS CloudFormation accelerates dev-test cycle with a new parameter for Dele
Discover more about what's new at AWS with Announcing Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage


AWS Amplify 2024 : A New Era by Michael Liendo
In 2019 I got into learning AWS as a software engineer at John Deere. I took a course on Frontend Masters taught by Steve Kinney about how frontend developers could use a tool called AWS Mobile Hub. Through the lens of Mobile Hub, I learned the foundations of AWS and serverless.


How to create a serverless monitoring tool on AWS for your websites costing less than $1/mo using… by Gabriel Tizatto
Monitoring the availability of your websites is crucial to ensure a smooth user experience and to quickly address any downtime. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a serverless monitoring tool on AWS that costs less than $1/month.


Zod-ORM: Leveraging Zod and Terraform for a Typesafe DynamoDB ORM and API by Ryan Circelli
Note: Zod-ORM is an internal Lifted technology and is not publically available. (To any recruiters, I am more than happy to show and explain the code and architecture over Zoom.) When working with APIs and NoSQL databases like DynamoDB, managing infrastructure and type-safety can be tricky.


Amazon EventBridge Event Bus now supports improved filtering capabilities f
Discover more about what's new at AWS with Announcing Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage

Honorable Mentions

There are so many great blog posts, tutorials, use cases, and more shared each week by the #serverless community, that picking just a few to feature is really hard. So here are some other honorable mentions chosen by our readers.

AWS CloudFormation streamlines deployment troubleshooting with AWS CloudTra
Discover more about what's new at AWS with Announcing Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage

Amazon SES launches Mail Manager to help manage complex inbound and outboun
Discover more about what's new at AWS with Announcing Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage

How to process CSV file at scale using Step Function and Lambda function ?
When you need to process CSV files, you usually write a simple script and it's enough, however everything tends to be more complex when you need to run it at scale. At scale means, tens or hundreds of millions of rows.

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